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At Cannivore Club, we provide a service to members who trust us with their well-being. In return, we trust them in using their medical marijuana orders in a responsible way, keeping the legal parameters in mind.

The sharing or reselling of our products is strictly forbidden, as we provide medicinal cannabis products only, to individuals 19+ years of age, with the intent of medical purposes. Please adhere to Terms & Conditions or you will be permanently removed as a member and placed on probation.

KNOW THE LAW: It is still illegal in Canada to possess, grow or distribute cannabis without a medical marijuana license. Know your rights and take precautions to avoid the harmful effects of arrest, cannabis seizure, imprisonment and criminal record. Cannivore Club accepts no responsibility or liability for your usage and purchase.

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At Cannivore Club, we deliver potent, high-quality, Lab tested weed products that are grown, produced and sold out of the Vancouver, BC area. All backed by our passion to help our members find alternative relief to a wide-range of ailments, and add to their overall wellbeing. Choose to buy weed online in the form of our flower products, weed edibles, weed beverages, weed capsules, weed tinctures, or cannabis concentrates. Cannivore Club is an easy- to-use, discreet, one-stop-shop for buying medical marijuana in Canada for Canadians. We look forward to providing you with safe, tasty and benefit-rich cannabis products!

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Our Story

Cannivore Club in an online weed company in Canada, born out of passion and created with a purpose; based on the personal experience of the founder who uncovered the healing properties of cannabis.

After a major back injury and undergoing all kinds of treatments that provided little to no relief, it was a variety of cannabis products that brought my body AND my spirit back to life! Weed allowed me to regain physical comfort, and as such – mobility to do daily tasks and maintain my career as well. Cannivore CEO

At Cannivore Club, we know that it can be concerning to buy off of an unknown vendor in hopes of receiving the help you desire. Which is why we want you to know that when you purchase from an earth-to-edibles grower, producer, and supplier, you can feel confident that your weed has been handled from its birthing stages, straight through to its consumable portions via a small group of passionate people who provide their products with a purpose! Our Suppliers have regular testing, via HC approved labs, for quality to ensure the products you purchase are safe and potent.

Medical marijuana is a healing tool used to aid in peoples’ lives, one that can greatly assist and ease the pain for whoever wants to implement it as a personally chosen alternative to modern medicine. If you are looking to buy marijuana online in Canada, Cannivore Club is your trusted, go-to medical marijuana provider in Canada!

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