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Weed Concentrates Explained
October 24, 2017
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Other Popular Ways to Consume Weed
October 24, 2017

People who regularly buy medical marijuana in Canada and use as per doctor’s prescription know the best methods of consuming. Vaporizing is another highly popular method of inhaling weed concentrates. Offering a clean alternative to actually smoking a joint. Also known as “Vaping”, this process is quite similar to smoking. However, it involves heating marijuana rather than burning it, and thus vaporization is a healthier alternative to smoking. It removes the probable pain in the lungs and throat that comes from exposure to heat and burned organic matter. Though, there is no scientific evidence proving that smoking marijuana has detrimental health results compared to vaporize. We can only conclude that vaporizing is less harmful than smoking the weed.

You don’t need to burn the cannabis with a lighter to extract its benefits. As its chemical compounds vaporize at a much lower, less harmful temperature. The taste of vaporized cannabis is often preferred to that of the torched weed, also the vapor is much lighter on the lungs.

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How to Vaporize the Weed?

If you’re interested in trying out this smokeless form of cannabis consumption, we deliver high quality and durable Vaporizers. Also known as Vapes or Vape pens that come in all shapes and sizes. With advances in miniaturization and the decrease in the price of this technology, smaller vape pens are quickly becoming a popular alternative to joints and bongs. There are now handheld and portable Vapes that fit easily in your pocket; it doesn’t get more convenient than that. These small hand-held devices let you enjoy cannabis flower or oils wherever you go.

Another advantage to vaporizers is that they can be used with oils which contain upwards of 80% THC. Compared to 5-25% for flowers. As those numbers indicate, vaporizing oils has a much stronger effect on the body.

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