Weed Can Help Reduce REM Sleep

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Medical Marijuana Can Help You Sleep Longer
October 24, 2017
Buy Medical Marijuana in Canada
Medical Marijuana Can Help You Fall Asleep Faster
October 24, 2017

Our brain is most active during REM sleep, the stage in which most of the dreaming occurs. Many studies have shown that using weed before bed reduces REM sleep. During the night, our brain cycles through 4 different stages of sleep, spending the most time in deep sleep and REM sleep. The amount of time spent in these two stages is related to each other. Studies show that marijuana increases the time that our brain spends in deep sleep, which leads to less REM sleep. Buy Weed Online in Canada from us to increase your deep sleep cycle.

Less Dreams, More Peace-

While regularly consuming cannabis, you may find missing one thing, dreams. Dreams occur during the final stage of your sleep cycle called REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. Consuming weed before sleeping is shown to decrease the time spent in REM, and thus you won’t have as many dreams or as strong dreams. But, if you stop/ pause the long-term cannabis use, you may experience “REM rebound”. Due to which you may have more dreams that are more lucid in nature for about 5-7 weeks after quitting. People who wish lesser dreams buy weed online in Canada from us.

Also, consuming marijuana before bed also tends to reduce the density of rapid eye movements during REM sleep. Less REM density has been linked to more restful and peaceful sleep.

For repairing and restoring our body, deep sleep is the most important sleep stage. Studies show that when deprived of sleep, the brain prioritises deep sleep over REM sleep. Buy Weed Online in Canada from Cannivore Club.

Following factors play an important role in the benefits one may get by consuming weed-

a) Mental health of the person,
b) Marijuana strain and potency, and
c) Quantity of marijuana that one is using.

Why Cannivore?

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