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How Do You Know How Much Weed to Consume?

Let’s put it this way …100 milligrams of weed in an edible product will likely require 12 full hours of serious “downtime”. That is 10 times the amount you should be consuming as a novice, and quadruple what a regular consumer should take. So, the rule of thumb is to start with 10 milligrams and figure out your comfort level from there.

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Has Weed Been Used as Medicine for a Long Time?

It has been used for a long time, yes, but because it became illegal, research hasn’t been as definitive as it could be …but we’re getting there!

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How Many Strains of Cannabinoids Are There?

There are more than 80 cannabinoid strains, two of which are most commonly known as THC and CBD.

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Has Cannabis Always Been Illegal?

No, in fact, cannabis was legal far longer than it has been illegal.

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What Are the Uses for Hemp?

Hemp has many uses, including the use of it in food products, enriching foods with omega fatty acids. It can also be broken down into a durable fabric, or even used as fuel.

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What Is the Difference Between a Male and Female Marijuana Plants?

Female plants contain THC, whereas male plants are only used to produce the seed material for the females.

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What’s the Difference Between Cannabis and Hemp?

As far as science is concerned, they are the same thing, and although it goes by different names (cannabis, marijuana, reefer, weed, grass, pot) they are all actually the same plant or plant-based product.

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Is It Safe to Order From Your Website?

Cannivore Club provides weed products online to
Canadian consumers who are allowed to purchase medical marijuana, and we may ask for
documentation at any time in order to maintain the safety and legal liability of our customers.

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What Is Your Return Policy?

All returns are exchange only, and there are no refunds for any
products, as products have to be destroyed upon return for the safety of our customers.

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How Long Will My Cannabis Order Take for Deliver?

Cannivore Club delivers all our products with NEXT DAY service via Canada Post.

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What is the Cost for Shipping?

At Cannivore Club, our shipping is always FREE on all products!

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