Welcome to the easy-to- consume benefits of marijuana infused capsules. These THC filled vials of heaven deliver all the high without even requiring a puff or a chew – just a simple swallow will do. Buy marijuana in Canada from your one stop online store – Cannivore Club.

Delivered in 60mg packs, 100mg packs or 300mg packs, Cannivore can provide you with the high that is suited to your individual needs, and will do so promptly and discreetly right to your door.

No more need for the smelly residue of smoke, the hassle of vaporizing or
consuming edibles that may add unwanted calories to your diet. With the handy high of capsules, you can reach for the stars and achieve your high of choice in an environment of your choosing.

Discrete, effective and prompt, Cannivore provides you with the just right high in your edible product of choice safely… and we look forward to enhancing your experience! Buy marijuana in Canada only from Cannivore Club.

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