Candy day just got a whole lot sweeter with cannabis infused candies delivered right your door! Offering the utmost in discreetly packaged top-shelf treats, our candies are made of high-quality THC for a feel-good afternoon, and provide relief for those looking for a medicated alternative to smoking marijuana. Buy marijuana in Canada from Cannivore Club.

Choose our Chocolate Covered Large Sour Keys infused in 90mg of THC for a throwback to your childhood, all of which are also doused in chocolate for a double hit of happiness. Or, perhaps you’re more in the mood for our CannaCo Gluten Free Gummies, delivering 60mg of THC for those who require specialized dietary needs, without foregoing the pleasant ecstasy they offer day or night.

Our hard candies also include lollipops, fueled with a pleasant 90mg Hybrid or Indica per dosage, which is sure to please any palate with flavors such as: blueberry, root beer, pear – and more.

With a wide variety of other candies to choose from, we’re sure you will find a flavor that fits your mood perfectly! Cannivore Club, the Medical Cannabis Dispensary, is here to satisfy your taste buds.

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