Special Dietary

Special Dietary

At Cannivore, we recognize our customer’s individual needs that include special dietary requirements for health and comfort reasons. Which is why we provide marijuana infused edibles that come in many forms and include special dietary considerations. So, when you decide to Buy Medical Cannabis Online, buy it from Cannivore Club.

Our Alcohol Tincture is one of these forms, offering either 900mg of Sativa or Indica, delivered in 30ml bottles, all of which is Gluten Free. Which also comes in an olive oil form with the same benefits and dosage.

Tinctures are a convenient way to absorb marijuana comfortably, in a dosage that is right for you and in the setting of your choosing. Whether relaxing with friends or looking for a restful evening at home, our edibles deliver a high that will keep you afloat as you see fit.

We also offer Gluten Free Gummies infused with 60mg of Indica, and with such a high-demand for gluten free products, we appreciate the need to help our customers achieve an elevated body bliss without any side-effects that come with special dietary needs.

Cannivore is happy to help you find a comfortable high, day or night, all within the comfort of your home in an edible product of your choosing! Buy Medical Cannabis Online from Cannivore Club.

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