Tinctures are a convenient way to absorb marijuana comfortably, in a dosage that is right for you and in the setting of your choosing. Whether relaxing with friends or looking for a restful evening at home, our edibles deliver a high that will keep you afloat as you see fit. Remember the name for your Medical Marijuana Canada requirements – Cannivore Club.

These alcohol-based cannabis extracts were once a staple medicine until prohibited, and its re-introduction into mainstream consumption is a pleasant reality for all who try it.

Whether new to the edible scene, or have been an old school “stoner” since the 70s, tinctures are an excellent method to achieve a smooth and safe high that will deliver a relaxed reality, and bring you out of the darkness and into the light – so to speak.

Easy to measure, it is important to start out slow – usually 1ml under your tongue until you feel you are ready to increase your dosage ever-so- slightly, keeping you at a comfortable level when and where you choose, via a method as old as time! Enjoy Medical Marijuana Canada responsibly.

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