Cannaisseur Kief
Cannaisseur Kief
December 3, 2017
Cannaisseur Shatter
December 3, 2017

Cannaisseur THC Distillate


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Cannaisseur Clear THC Distillate – 1 ml – is the newest wave of concentrates and one of the purest forms of the psychoactive compound in cannabis flowers. This product uses complex extraction techniques that yield a product that is pure THC, without chlorophyll, plant matter or solvent remnants. The oil is heated so the THC and CBD vaporize, the vapour is then collected and condensed back into oil. The resulting distillate is free of impurities, and when vaporized produces no smell and no flavour, thus it is considered to be one of the cleanest ways to medicate. Flavors: Neutral, blueberry, lime, orange creamsicle, strawberry.

Weight7.5 g

blueberry, Lime, Neutral, Orange Creamsicle, strawberry


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